How to Play Online BlackJack: Rules, Variety and Free Play

How to Play Online BlackJack: Rules, Variety and Free Play


Blackjack is one of the most popular card games at online casinos, along with poker or baccarat. The popularity of this game is due to the fact that there are no complicated rules to learn in order to master the game. Additionally, there are now many variations of blackjack available to play at online casinos, either for free or for real money. You should never rely solely on luck when playing blackjack, as it’s very important to be mathematically savvy. The idea is to accumulate a maximum of 21, or as close to that number as possible, with the least amount of cards possible. You could say that because of this, the game is also called blackjack 21!

Today, we’re going to help you get acquainted with the game. We will tell you blackjack rules, game strategy, as well as card values and more. So, you can easily become a professional in this area, play blackjack online and earn big!

The aim of the game

The important thing in blackjack is to collect 21 points or a card value close to it. However, that is not the main aim. It is more important to beat the dealer! In other words, players need to accumulate a total number of points higher than the dealer. So:

  1. If the player scores more than 21 points, his bet loses;
  2. If the dealer’s total exceeds 21 points, then all bets remaining in the game win;
  3. If the dealer and the player have the same number of points, there is a tie. As a result, the player’s bet neither wins nor loses.

If the player wins, the player’s bets are paid in a 1:1 ratio. The advantage for the players is that the dealer is the last to draw cards and he can’t draw more cards if the total sum of points reaches 17. 

Card values

To get your bearings in the game you’ll need to know how to work the value of your cards. If you’re new to blackjack and don’t know the basics yet, we’ll help you get started. First, we’ll tell you about the card values in blackjack:

Cards from 2 to 10The number of points equal to the number on the card
King, Queen, Jack10 points
Ace1 or 11

Normally, an Ace is worth 11 points, but if the value of the cards combined is greater than 21, then the equivalent of an Ace is worth 1 point. The most winning blackjack hand is an Ace+10, which gives a total of 21 points for the least number of cards. 

Card Values in Balckjack Game

Rules of blackjack

So you’ve got the main aim of the game figured out and got to know the card values. Now it’s time to find out how the process of playing online blackjack works. The key attributes at play are the cards and the game table. The game is played with up to 8 packs of cards, and the table has between 5 and 7 places to bet. There are up to 7 players plus the dealer. 

The game begins with the player needing to decide on a bet and then putting the appropriate amount of chips into one or more betting spots. The dealer then deals 2 cards to each player. He also draws 2 cards, one of which is dealt. If a player has 21 points right away, this hand is called blackjack and pays out automatically. Players without Blackjack have the following options:

Player moves

  • Stand – the player is satisfied with the number of points and the turn passes to the next player. 
  • Hit – the player takes additional cards until he is satisfied with the number of points in his hand.
  • Double – This move is available if there are only two cards in the hand. In this case, the player doubles his bet and receives only one card.
  • Split is an option to split cards of the same value into two hands. If the player chooses to split the cards, the second hand will require an additional bet.

Also, depending on the casino chosen, players may be offered moves such as Surrender and Insurance. If the player surrenders, the casino will refund him half of his bet. As far as insurance is concerned, it’s not a bad option to avoid blackjacking the dealer if he has an ace in his hand. In this case, the sum insured will be equal to half of your original bet. The disadvantage of this move is that if the dealer does not have Blackjack, the player loses. 

Dealer’s move

When all players have made their moves, the dealer enters the game. He opens a dealt card which has been on the table all the time. In this case, if the card the dealer has just opened is 21 blackjack, he wins. Players also win if they have blackjack as well. Also, an important rule in the dealer’s moves is that he can’t draw cards when they reach 17 points. But if he gets less than 17 points, he is obliged to finish the card. 

Blackjack basic strategy

When playing a blackjack game it is always pleasant to win, but far more unpleasant to suffer financial losses. Especially if the game is played with high stakes. But it is never too late to learn how to use the blackjack strategy, thus minimizing the risk of losing and losing money. Luck is not a factor to rely on in this game, as the outcome depends on you making the right decision. Luckily, beginners can use the blackjack chart, which is freely available to the public. When playing online, you can open it on a new browser page and use it freely. With it, players can easily make a decision and make a rational move, depending on what cards the dealer has and what cards the player himself has. Also, with this scheme, players can sharpen their skills and understand the strategy to be much more confident in what they are playing. What’s more, a great way to practice basic online casino strategy is free blackjack. We will talk about it in more detail below. 

How to play blackjack free

Players new to the game and wary of playing for real money at an online casino can practice and hone their blackjack skills with free blackjack. Luckily, there are plenty of resources nowadays that offer you the chance. You can play without any risk to your money. And since there’s a decent amount of blackjack variations, you’ll be able to play each one for free and choose the one you like best. Once you’ve got the confidence to play, understand the rules and plan your moves, you can start playing for real money. And once you’ve turned pro, you’re free to try your hand at blackjack online tournaments. 

Types of blackjack online

Many online casinos try to surprise their users with a variety of games. Blackjack is no exception. Thus, on licensed reliable platforms, players can enjoy the following popular types of online blackjack:

  • American;
  • 21 Burn;
  • Double Exposure MH;
  • Lucky;
  • Perfect;
  • Bollywood;
  • Live Speed;
  • Multi-Hand;
  • Infinite;
  • Classic;
  • Power, etc.

Each of these types is unique in its own way and has its own Blackjack rules. To see which one works best for you, try playing each one for free. Either way, you’re sure to find something suitable for yourself!

The best online blackjack game developers

Today, the card game is played on a plethora of gaming platforms. But only licensed casinos have games from world-famous providers, such as:

  • NetEnt. This is a Swedish company that offers blackjack games both in live mode, i.e. against a live dealer, and against a computer. At the same time, the RTP of the games is almost 100%;
  • Playtech. This provider has created more than 10 blackjack variants. Today, the casino is available options blackjack from this developer as Pro, Surrender, Lucky and Switch;
  • Microgaming. A provider that is constantly releasing new blackjack game innovations. Also, for those who like to play big, the company has developed a special kind of Golden Series, where the minimum bet is high;
  • Evolution Gaming. A gaming software developer that offers Live games against a live dealer. Playing blackjack games from this provider will leave players pleasantly surprised by the high quality of live streaming;
  • Evoplay. This company offers a version of the Lucky Sevens game. The player gets a bonus of x1.5 of the initial bet if he gets three cards with sevens;
  • iSoftBet. The studio occasionally releases variants of classic blackjack, without additional bonuses or multipliers;
  • Yggdrasil. In games from this provider, you’ll play with a 3D dealer.

In fact, the number of providers offering different variations of blackjack games is huge. For example, Play’N Go, Endorphina, Novomatic, Playson, BetSoft, etc. Let’s find out which are the best blackjack gaming platforms you can find from these providers.

The best casinos offering blackjack

 We’ve already mentioned that the game is offered by hundreds of different online casinos. But how do you choose a reliable, honest and safe one? First and foremost, pay attention to whether the casino has the necessary gaming license. Only licensed platforms will keep you safe and ensure that your data is not taken over by third parties. By doing so, you’ll be able to have the best gaming experience possible. Our team has done its best for you by comparing many online casinos. We have carefully chosen them based on the following criteria: license, availability of a wide range of blackjack games, and the ability to play in Live mode. As a result, we are ready to offer you the following options:

Online games at Zet Casino

At these gaming platforms, not only can you be assured of the legality and safety of all your activities, but you can also have a great gaming experience, with the prospect of good winning odds. Moreover, these casinos will give you the opportunity to practice by playing blackjack for free!

Blackjack tips from the professionals

Throughout the history of the card game, many players have already turned pro. Today, they’re still happy to share their experiences and tips. Here are a few blackjack tips for beginners:

  • Study the rules of each variant of the game well so you can easily understand the game and how the process works;
  • Learn the basic strategy of this card game;
  • Learn the winning card combinations so you can quickly spot them in your hand;
  • Learn how to count cards to play with the live dealers;
  • Practice by playing blackjack online for free;
  • Start with a minimum deposit when playing for real money;
  • Don’t use bonuses until you learn how to play well, as wagering conditions will most often need to be met.

By heeding these tips from the blackjack sharks, you stand a good chance of becoming a professional while making good money!

Final Words

We’ve tried to tell you as much as we can about the game of blackjack. We hope that our review of the game will help you become an experienced player and win! Remember that you can always play for free and practice and gain experience with any variant of the game before playing for real money. What’s more, you can play using a blackjack scheme which is publicly available on the internet. No one is stopping you from using it when playing online. You can print out the pattern or open it in a new browser window. 

When you play on licensed sites from our list, you can be sure that you will not only have a great time but also get a good gaming experience, because the games are presented here by the best developers of gaming software. Our team wishes you to become a true pro and earn as much as possible by beating the dealer!