Types of online blackjack games for real money

Types of online blackjack games for real money

With the development of modern technology, one of the most popular card entertainment moves to online casinos and still pleases millions of users. Its popularity is due to the simplicity of the rules compared to other gambling games. Also, in the history of winnings in the institutions was recorded the maximum just for this entertainment – was 20 million U.S. dollars. In this article, we will tell you more about this game, as well as the types of online blackjack games for real money.

The gameplay of blackjack requires concentration. In the game, the main plot is the ability to score twenty-one points, or as close to it as possible, faster than the dealer. The online casino is a reliable place to spend your leisure time for this pastime. Such sites provide all the necessary information for both beginners and experienced gamers. Here every player can find a suitable game for themselves. But first, you need to get acquainted with the rules and optimal strategies.

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Blackjack online can be found in many variations with its own rules, but each game is based on basic betting principles. The main difference between one type and another is the actions of the dealer. The user is always given the right to get the cards first, then the dealer can take another card or demand to stop, after which the player must calculate his move. Among the main varieties of the game of blackjack are the following.

Spanish Blackjack

The gameplay involves a deck of 48 cards with no tens, and payouts to gamers are made according to a special structure. With a set of 21 points from 5 cards, the player receives a reward in the ratio of 3: 2, from 6 – 2: 1, from 7 and more – 3: 1. At the same time, spades 6-7-8 or 7-7-7 will guarantee a payout of 3: 1. If a player is lucky enough to make a combination of three sevens of the same suit, he will score a jackpot and the winnings will reach 50: 1.

French Vingt-et-un and German Siebzehn und Vier

The above two games are rarely seen in online casinos, but their main difference is the ace-king. Nevertheless, all of them count as 11 points, the surrender of two in the same hand will mean blackjack.

European Blackjack

The main distinguishing feature of this version is the ability of the blackjack combo to beat any other hand that has 21 points. If it falls to the dealer, participants lose their bets. But this does not apply to pre-booked insurance.

Blackjack out in the open

Here, the dealer’s cards are uncovered, and in this scenario, the player needs to score more points.

American Blackjack

A basic game in which the Dealer has one open and one closed card each. When the dealer has an open Ace or Ten, he can look at the hidden card. If he has blackjack, the game stops.

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