Top 10 Ways to Make Money

Top 10 Ways to Make Money

How to Make Money Offline

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Writing a book

This method will suit experts in their field or those who have coped with a difficult life situation, or maybe they just know how to compose stories. Sometimes authors of blogs with a large audience write a book. There are two ways to publish a manuscript: through a publisher or on your own.

If you work with a publisher, it prints, promotes, and sells the book. The author gets a percentage of the sales. In Australia, the royalty is 10-13% on paper sales and 20% on electronic sales. If the royalty is 10%, you can make $5,000 for selling 500 books at $100 each.

If self-publishing, you pay for the printing, promote, and sell the book yourself. This way is more difficult and suitable for experienced authors with a strong personal brand. But the income here is also higher.

Start an advertising agency

Every product needs advertising – you can make good money in this area. For example, offer website promotion, contextual advertising, or advertising in social networks, but you have to be good at it.

There is also outdoor and street advertising. If the first need to buy expensive equipment, negotiate with the city authorities, then for the second you can organize promoters to hand out leaflets.

Buy a ready-made franchise.

One of the best ways to make money – is to buy a franchise known brand. The franchisor allows you to use its trademark, helps with the purchase of equipment, materials, staff training, and so on. The franchisee gets a ready-made profitable business model. For this, he pays a lump sum fee and royalty.

buy something and earn money

To rent out an apartment

Provide additional services, such as cleaning, parking space, and so on. Make professional repairs with functional design and quality materials. This will help to keep the apartment in the premium price segment. Offer transparent terms of cooperation. A one-bedroom apartment with fresh renovations and appliances in a bedroom community costs $1,000. The same apartment in the center of a major city could cost from $1,500. Prices in the premium segment are higher.

Private consulting

If you are good at something, you can start consulting. Many people choose to pay money to someone with experience who will keep them from making mistakes rather than spend time learning on their own. Konstantin Kvint, a consultant on selecting IT solutions for business, believes: you can be a full-time or independent consultant.

In the first case, you can work in an internet store and tell them about the characteristics of a product. That pays $150 to $600 a week. In the second case, you can look for clients independently and advise them in marketing, selecting training programs abroad, and so on. In the beginning, you can get $20-30 per consultation and you will have few clients. But if you start to develop your brand, you will earn much more.

How to Make Money Online 

Online Casino 

An interesting way from the world of gambling. The amount of potential earnings is not limited here and is completely based on the luck of the player. However, there are games where certain skills are very important. For example, poker, where a really good player can earn thousands of Australian dollars every month. Online casino in Australia is a legal way of earning money offering their customers good bonuses, loyalty programs, and so on. 

win money or jackpot in online casino

Creating a website

You place links to partner sites and get a percentage for a certain user action: registration, purchase, subscription, and so on. Or you register with the contextual advertising service, and ads appear on the site. Payment is made for actions or displays.

Selling advertising spots. This requires more effort, but the payment is also more.

Paid placement of third-party articles. A young resource in Australia may charge from $1 per article, while popular sites charge $70-150.

Promotion of the account in social networks

A blogger publishes and promotes content on his page in the social network to earn money. The greater his reach and engagement of subscribers, the more the blogger charges for advertising.

If a blogger has up to 100,000 subscribers on social networks, he is considered a micro influencer. If from 100 thousand to 1 million – macro influencer, and if from 1 million, then millionaire. Brands collaborate with everyone.

If you want to promote your social media page, choose your blog topic and the platform where your target audience is. According to, Facebook is the most popular social network in the world and Australia. It has more than 2.7 billion active users. Instagram is fifth and TikTok is seventh.

Vlogging on YouTube

According to, YouTube is visited by more than 2.2 billion users per month. Every Ukrainian watches 55 minutes of YouTube content a day. Jimmy Donaldson, the author of the channel Mr. Beast, has 47 million subscribers. He publishes funny videos with different tricks and sells his merchandise. Last year he made $24 million. Moreover, Youtube pay for every thousand views of the video.

Internet community moderation

You can lead your pages in the social networks, be an administrator of groups in messengers or forums. Topics vary from sports to teaching.

Usually, there are rules in the groups, for example, no insults, advertising, and so on. The moderator makes sure that these rules are not broken. For such work, they pay $200-500 a month or offer bonuses and discounts on the resource owner’s products.

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